Patience takes time

I am one of the most impatient people that I know.

I tell myself that I am impatient because I hate wasting time. And I do. But I know that I need to learn to be more patient because most of the time I just end up frustrated due to impatience.

Trying to be more patient is not something that can be accomplished overnight though.

And being patient is really a big part of personal development. As I work more and more with personal development principles I have discovered that my impatience usually leads to me spending a lot of time running place, so to speak.

I have no sage words of wisdom to offer up on how to have more patience. What I can tell you is that working to have more patience takes time. And once you start working towards it you will notice that your stress levels are down and your general mood is a bit better. And it is nice to not have that ‘rushed’ feeling so much.

Even Shakespeare wrote in Othello, “How poor are they that have not patience!”