My favorite customer service experiences (warning sarcasm)

This past week I have had some of my favorite customer service experiences.

First, we have the cashier at the grocery store that is too busy text messaging to ring up my purchases. I actually experience this problem all the time. From cashiers to grocery baggers – they are all too busy text messaging to do their job. When this happens I stop and wonder how these people keep their jobs. I mean, I am certain that there are people that would like to have their jobs, so how do they keep them? And what is so important that it cannot wait until they are done ringing up my purchases or bagging my groceries?

Then there was the guy at Kinko’s that helped the person in line behind me because that person wanted to pay for some copies and I was there to FedEx a package. I have had this sort of thing happen in retail stores before when I have been making a return as well. The idiot at the register wants to help the person that is easiest for them first. What do they think will happen – that I will disappear just because they skipped me? No. It doesn’t work that way. It just makes me mad and then I get rude. The person in line behind me can wait. I waited to get to the front of the line too. And the time of the person behind me is not worth any more than mine.

And finally, the cashier at order pickup desk at Best Buy that stopped helping me to answer the phone and help that person. I never understand this when it happens. Guess what, I am right in front of you. Why would you leave the person in front of you waiting to help someone that didn’t even have the motivation to come into the store. Obviously I am a more valuable customer since I am in the store making a purchase instead of calling you about something. It’s just like the scenario above – all you are accomplishing is making me mad because you are forcing me to wait. Sure, I get that a ringing phone is annoying. Here’s an idea – answer it and immediately ask them to hold. When I call a store for something I expect them to be busy with customers. I don’t get mad when they put me on hold.

Clearly I have some issues with being impatient, but I also have expectations for customer service. Is it too much to ask for these days to get good customer service?