How to Improve your Imagination and Visualization

A lot of self help uses stuff requiring visualization, which if you aren’t a visual kind of person can be very difficult. Simply put, by learning to improve your visualization, you can in turn help improve your life. Just try these exercises now to give yourself the chance to start truly using your imagination for your ultimate enjoyment and unlimited benefit.

Is it really possible to improve my visualization?

Simply put… yes!! I stumbled upon a great way to practice using your imagination when I was reading through a book on memory improvement. When training your memory to be effective, a lot of the techniques involve using visualization and so the exercises involved are naturally good at getting you used to and practicing vivid visualization techniques.

There are some important things to bear in mind when making these images in your head:

  • They should involve movement
  • They should be extreme (for the sake of effective memory and this visualization exercise)
  • You should use all your senses to give yourself the full picture (smell it, hear it, see it, feel it, taste it)

In memory, the use of pegs to remember something is very common. This simple method just pegs what you want to know to something you already know. In order to remember the new stuff you simple have to remember what you already know. It is incredibly simple and incredibly powerful.

So lets take a look at how you might do this and how you can use this exercise to power up your imagination.

  • Step 1 is to take 4 rooms in your house (for me I chose my bedroom, lounge, kitchen & bathroom)
  • Step 2 is to then take 5 things in each room as you would naturally find them as you walk around the room (for example, I chose: bedroom – bed, light, cot, closet, vacuum. Lounge – TV, stereo, bookshelf, picture frame, laptop. Kitchen – toaster, kettle, table, fridge, sink. Bathroom – toilet, razor, towels, mirror, shower)
  • Step 3 is to start to peg stuff… let me show you how now…

So here is a list of 20 words off the top of my head that we are going to try and peg to these objects in order to practice our visualization:

orange, car, pineapple, notebook, George Bush, pencil, telephone, school, paper clip, book, tomato, cloud, tree, light switch, money, football, chainsaw, coffee, battery, cow.

Take the first one, in my case I have a bed + orange. Next you just need to use your imagination to combine them in some way so they get joined together. At this stage, get extreme, it’s much more fun and makes it miles more memorable. As I said, you need to use all your senses and add strong movements and emotion as well.

So for example I will take my bed and turn it into a bed made from oranges. Then I will add in a bit of lateral jogging for fun and the oranges begin to burst. I can feel them pressing against my skin. I can smell that smell of oranges in my nostrils. It’s implanted in my head.

OK, now take the next one, you can use mine (light + car) or your own if you want.

Here, I have just taken the image of a car made from lightbulbs. Then it starts to break up as I drive it, leaving glass splattering everywhere. I can hear the glass breaking with the car crumbling beneath me. I can see the shattered glass left everywhere down the road.

I take the next one, cot + pineapple.

I imagine a hungry cot which I have to feed pineapples to. It takes them in whole in one big crunch. Listen to it. Crunch.

Are you getting the idea now? Try the next one and let your imagination run wild. If you want to use my examples just take a notebook and closet. Let’s see what you can come up with. Don’t look beyond this picture until you’ve tried it.

Now, what did you get?

I pictured my self sorting through my closet to find the notebook I wanted. Looking for that important memo. I could feel the notebooks and here the sound as I shifted them about.

Ok. One more. We have a vacuum and George Bush. Take the two things and make it extreme. See if you can make me laugh. Add movement and feel whats happening. Smell it. Live it. Be it.

What did you get?

I had a picture of George Bush in just his underpants, vacuuming the oval office. Guess my imagination ran wild :D

Anyway, you can get the idea now and continue until you have done the entire list. Make the images as strong, dramatic and powerful as you can. Your imagination will gradually grow stronger and more vivid with every time you practice this. You will begin to notice changes as you start to use it in all aspects of your life.

You also have the added bonus, you have also just memorized a random list of 20 objects! That’s how easy it is to make huge and lasting changes. Just believe it and act now.

Please check out some more of this site and come back tomorrow for a follow up post to see how you can use your visualizations effectively.