All the dumb people on eBay buy my stuff

As I have mentioned before I have some credit card debt that I am trying to give the smackdown to and I have recently found myself unemployed. When you put those two things together, what do you get? Me getting rid of junk around my apartment by selling it on eBay.

Okay, so it is not exactly junk but more stuff that I do not need. And it is mostly stuff that I charged on those credit cards.

Anyways, I  really hate selling things on eBay. I tend to go through an eBay cycle that goes a little something like this…

  • I put a bunch of stuff on eBay
  • People email me with stupid questions about my listings
  • I grumble about people’s stupidity as I answer their questions
  • People buy my stuff
  • I am then bombarded with even more stupid questions
  • I grumble
  • I ship people their stuff
  • They get their stuff and send me more stupid questions because apparently they never looked at the photos on the auction or read the info on the auction
  • People want their money back because they couldn’t read
  • I get angry and vow to never use eBay again
  • Months pass and I forget why I stopped selling stuff on eBay
  • grumble and repeat above steps

So, I put a couple of things up on eBay last week. Amazingly there were no stupid questions during the auction period. The auctions ended over the weekend. That is when the real fun began.

One of the auctions was won by someone in Norway that doesn’t realize that it is not cheap to ship something that weighs a little over a pound from the US to Norway.  No, this person wants to pay around $5 instead of the $20-ish it will cost.

The other auction was paid for almost immediately by the winning bidder – at 6pm on Saturday. Yesterday I get an angry ALL CAPS email from this person wanting to know why I have not sent them their tracking number. They suggest that I am scamming them and so on. This is humorous for two reasons.

  1. My feedback is 98.7% positive with a rating of almost 500.
  2. Clearly the post office was closed when he paid. It was closed yesterday and it is closed today.

When I get emails like this from winning bidders it takes a lot of restraint to not write back an email that begins “Dear idiot…” Then my other half reminds me that there is no reasoning with stupid people. And I suddenly remember why I stopped selling things on eBay.

Only the stupid people find my auctions on eBay!