5 Minute Meditation for Success

As you sit there, you know that sometimes it pays just to get away from the world and focus on something else. Focus on your growth and remove all the stress in your life. Now, take a breath and just imagine how it feels.

Do it. Throw all your negative thoughts away just for a minute. Experience the power you can gain from just stepping out of the rush and taking the time to go to the place you want to be. Smile.

This is what this little meditation and visualization technique is all about. It’s just a little tool in your belt to fight against the constant rush of the modern world and to keep you focused on what counts. Your goals and the feelings and power associated with them.

  1. Take a goal you want to focus on and imagine what you could do if you had it. For example if you are after wealth, picture going into the most expensive restaurant in town and not caring about the price.This is your picture. (If it helps draw out this picture beforehand).
  2. Make sure you are somewhere where you won’t be disturbed.
  3. Sit in a comfortable and upright posture and close your eyes.
  4. Take 3 deep breaths, slowly breathing in, holding, letting go.
  5. Focus on the thoughts in your mind. Take each one, acknowledge it and tell it you will attend to it in 5 minutes time.
  6. Keep going until your mind is clear.
  7. Take 10 breaths, focusing on the air going in and out. Focus on the rhythm.
  8. Now take that picture of your goal. Visualize it ( if you need help with this take a look at this exercise for you imagination). Feel it. Be part of it and enjoy the experience.
  9. Smile and say thank you to yourself and the world. You are done.

As with any kind of meditation or visualization, the benefits come through doing it regularly and repeatedly. Take self improvement one step at a time. Success needn’t be difficult. The natural power of meditation and visualization is way beyond the simplicity of this exercise.

Your Task

Just take 5 minutes to escape everyday and make sure you focus on something you want. Remember to say thank you.