Protect Your Investment: Kayak Storage Tips for Winter

You can learn the basics of quality care for your winter kayak storage. Your kayak deserves to be well-cared for this entire winter. Preparation is a key ingredient for winter storage. You will want your kayak to be in superior condition next spring, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve bought the best fishing kayak for the money if you don’t take care of it between seasons. The transition from winter to spring can be smooth and simple if you apply some solid methods for storing it over the winter. Boat storage is a vital part of the overall maintenance of your kayak. Quality winter care will add years to the life of any boat.

A Good Starting Point
A really good place to start your preparation for winter a complete deep cleaning. You can begin your winter storage by making sure that your kayak is completely ready to go next spring. Clean your kayak inside and out. Make certain every item is secure and clean from the summer use. You can use a mild soap and water solution to freshen your boat up before storage. When you are ready to use it again next spring, it will be all ready to provide you with a refreshing ride on the waters. The cleaning ideas include:

  • Very lightly spray it with an Aerospace Protectant. This is similar to waxing a car. A 303 Aerospace Protectant will keep your kayak looking smartly polished. It will even protect your paint. You can use an old oven mitt to apply it evenly and smoothly
  • Any metal pieces can be oiled lightly. Just a little oil will work wonders
  • Give all loose pieces, bolts and screws a good tightening up. Take inventory as you tighten and update and replace if needed
  • Beware of possible intruders. Critters and rodents are unwanted guests. You can remove any fabric materials, like the seat, and deflect the unwanted guests because the critters like to nestle inside fabric in winter

Protection for your Kayak
It does not matter if you will store you kayak outdoors or indoors, you will want to consider covering the entire boat. A cover will provide good protection all winter long. A quality cover will keep dust and critters out. You can get a cockpit cover or even a full boat cover. Protect your beloved kayak all winter long by making sure it is fully covered.

Prevent Warping over the Winter
If you have a good rack system set up, you will prevent winter warping. A hull can easily become warped during winter storage. The cause of warping has been known to come from sitting on a floor all winter long. Warping can be prevented by storing it on a rack for the winter. There are a variety of rack systems to choose from. You are certain to find the right rack for your kayak.

Avoid Pressure
It is important to know, your kayak will survive winter storage much better if you do not put pressure on it. This means keeping the pressure off the bottom of the hull. You can store your kayak upside down in order to avoid putting any pressure on the bottom part of the hull. Any kayak sitting on a hard surface has the potential to become dented. If you do not have access to a rack system, simply turn your entire kayak upside down. The cockpit can rest comfortably on the ground.