Uncover The Power of Realization

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our
thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world”

First point… I’m not a story writer, I’m a teacher… I just want to get my point across in a simple way for you to use it if it hits your switch.

We all know this old topic – the words you use in your daily life and even more so, the words you use in your mind have a huge influence over your life… but few use it – that is why you absolutely have to listen to this, because I will to show you how to use it easily.

If you need more examples of the power of words or  the one sentence that changed my life then take a look when you have time.

You know this is a well known and well proven principle and after I show you how to use this knowledge, the energy you have for life or any task will multiple and multiply beyond what you can imagine. This is something you want to understand.

If you look around in books and on the internet, its easy to find hints and tips, but nothing solid – which is the one thing we are truly seeking. I’m trained as an engineer which means I naturally like easy to follow, detailed plans that lead to something solid and reliable. So that is what I do.

One thing I am not going to do is produce some airy fairy, wishy washy stuff that might inspire you for a while but just doesn’t provide anything in the long term. If thats what you want then please go away, I’m not for you. If you what something solid you can easily implement, read on.

For now I just want youto focus on what I think is the most growth enabling word that you can simply use in your everyday language. If you learn just one thing, learn this.

The word is “REALIZE”. Later on I will introduce more words that you should substitute into your vocabulary in order to make you grow further. But for now this is just THE word. When I was experimenting, trying to train myself to use more and more powerful and emotional words, this is the one word that I found can do everything.

This is the one word that will inspire you to do so much. Its so powerful, because you don’t have to understand, you don’t have to discover, you just have to realize. Begin using it, and the more you do, the more you will. When I say it, I say it with strength. REALIZE. The power it contains it immense.

For example, if you need energy… just say, “realize the energy I have“… say it again with emotion, “realize the energy I have”. When you wake up say, “realize how much I love life”. When you are with you friends say, “realize how much I can love this conversation”. You get the idea. I am just bouncing up and down now as I write this and feel its power.

This one word can turn anything in a mantra. It’s way more powerful than affirmations, because you can remember it so easily and the power naturally comes from within it, rather than having to hype yourself up. I hope you enjoy this one.

Your Task:

For one week, practice everyday for 10 minutes inserting “realize” into as many sentences as possible and realize the power.