12 Simple Ways to Empower Your Words and Your Life

“Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory”

Norman Vincent Peale

power words - add real strength to your mindWe’ve talked together before about the words you use in your mind. This is because the words you use in your daily life have a direct relation on what you achieve. This is all about using “power words”. Simplychange your words and you can change your life.

I like things that I can just plug n’ play. Here are 12 things to plug into your mind and play with!

    1. MOST IMPORTANT: When you speak to yourself get excited, speak with high energy and then double that energy and passion NOW!
    2. If you hear any negative voices like your Mum saying “you are so bad with money”, turn the negative voice into daffy duck or something and you will just laugh every time you hear it
    3. Make time to compliment yourself for anything and everything: “nice work cooking dinner today”, “I was awesome at that meeting”
    4. Instead of saying good>> use great, awesome, amazing, unbelievable, fantastic: “I look amazing”, “I feel unbelievable”
    5. Get your imagination involved>> use imagine, grasp, consider, realize and be aware: “imagine having so much money you never have to work again”, “Now, grasp how much talent you have”
    6. Use words of power>> say build, discover, explode, create, accomplish: “I build success after success”, “I can accomplish more and more everyday”
    7. Use linguistic binds>> the more you X, the more you Y: “the more I focus on success, the more I achieve”, “as I seek more opportunities, more naturally come to me”
    8. Use time words>> before, while, in addition, after, along with: “in addition to having great confidence, I am modest”, “while I’m having fun cleaning the house today I will sing!”
    9. Put everything in the present>> NOW! “I can do this work now”, “Now you understand how to motivate yourself”
    10. Use cause and effect>> X causes Y: “waking up causes me to make lots of money today”, “just thinking causes me to be creative”
    11. Make things easy for yourself>> say already, simply, easily, naturally: “I simply power through challenges”, “I naturally get more confident every day”
    12. Play with the pictures in your head>> go beyond, expand, uncover, make them bigger, make them brighter: “imagine success then go beyond that and make the new image bigger, then venture beyond even that and just experience what you feel”

The Task:

Spend 5 minutes every day in the morning using as many of these ideas and words as possible in your head. Soon they will become ingrained and your mind unstoppable.