Success: WITHOUT The Law of Attraction

This is my story of how I managed to get married, start a family and pay off my credit card debts WITHOUT using the law of attraction. I have read quite a bit about this supposed “law of attraction”, of the miracles it has created, of its “science” and yes, I have cringed every time I read these stories.

I believe some elements of it are true and reasonable, but the way the proponents try to portray it gives false hope, is somewhat fake and is also unrealistic.

The basic rules of the law of attraction, as they state, are these:



  • Know what you want and ask “the universe” for it
  • Focus your thought and energy entirely on this
  • Behave as if you already have it
  • Be open to receiving it from “the universe”



Hmmmm… as far as I’m concerned, this is basically a mixture of arty farty new age thinking and just basic common sense? If you want something, decide what it is and then go after it with all your life. I mean c’mon,this really isn’t headline catching stuff concerning the secrets to success. However, the proponents try to explain it as some mystical and physical power, they also claim it has a basis in quantum physics and is in fact a “law” of the universe.

If you understand more about how absurd the whole theory is, then my story basically helps show you what a load of $&#$ the whole idea is.

18 months ago I was single and enjoying life, but I was frustrated by my lack of success in relationships. I used to beat myself each evening that I couldn’t find a suitable girl and I had resigned myself to the fact that I probably might never get married. I couldn’t find it in myself to trust anyone enough to let them close to me.

Basically, I didn’t think I knew what I wanted, in life or a women and I was focused entirely on the fact that I hadn’t had a relationship in a couple of years. My thinking was everything the law of attraction would tell you not to do and then it was right at this point my future wife fell right in my lap. Splat!!

My now wife, literally forced me into a first date. I tried to split up with her, I tried to avoid her, but she wouldn’t have it. I ended up falling in love. How ironic that this clearly had nothing to do with the law of attraction, but the result was easily worthy of the hype and anecdotes they like to spin.

So just how DID I get what I wanted? I really don’t know, but I would personally just call it either luck or destiny. I am a great believer in luck and if you want to know how to utilize this theory in your life, then take a look at why the rich believe EVRYTHING is luck.

The second incident that has happened to me quite recently, which shows that the law isn’t such a real “law” and more just “luck”, is to do with my problems with my credit cards. The last year or so has been a huge financial strain for me. And I mean HUGE.

To summarize for you, this was my situation.

My wife is a student and I have to pay her school fees. Along with this I have started a family and had a number of unforeseen financial expenses along the way which resulted in me having $4000 on my overdraft and $4000 on my credit card on top of a previous loan which is about $10,000. My salary can cover rent, bills, school fees, baby costs, loan repayments & food etc but doesn’t leave so much to pay off these immediate debts as well.

Anyway, I managed to stop the boat taking in any more water and so I then worked out what I could afford to pay back. It was tough, but I figured it would take about 2 years of hard work to get it all sorted out. I had this in my mind, I was set for the long, slow, painful journey of paying back my debts.

Again I was going against what proponents of the law of attraction might preach. I was purely focused on the debt and not at all on financial freedom, just on getting rid of the damn debt. That made sense to me and I was truly driven by this desire.

Next thing I know, which was a couple of weeks ago, $4000 lands on my lap. Now, at this time I also noticed an opportunity to get another $4000 and I was alert enough to take it. This literally happened in less than 6 hours. The money had arrived to pay off my credit cards and overdraft out of literally nowhere.

Hey, I don’t know what happened but, due to my positivity and belief in luck and opportunity, I took a chance when it was there. Now, if I believed in the law of attraction then I would give it all the glory and credos for solving my financial headache. But clearly, it had nothing to do with it. It had more to do with just keeping my eyes open.

Having said all of this, I do in fact believe THERE IS a formula for success, that has been proven over the ages, but I am not going to claim it as mine or that it is a law based on physics. There are basic rules and basic characteristics that help guarantee success. However people try to spin it, however they try to give the message, I think the secret to manifestation pretty much comes down to 4 things:



  • Know what you want – don’t be afraid to have big dreams and make sure you know how to recognize when you have in fact got what you dreamed for
  • Be aware of where you are now – be honest about where you are now and the fact that you (and only you) are in control of your life (i.e. stop the blame game)
  • Create a road map to success – make a plan, make the tough decisions, look at new and different options and make sure you can’t choose to fail
  • Just do it – act with determination, energy and desire on your chosen path



It is that simple, you just need to act on it and don’t give yourself the excuse that it is not under your control. You have the choice and the chance to create your destiny right now. Just keep your eyes open.