Do you ever lack the Motivation to get things done?

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s face it, the hardest part of any task is the motivation to get it started. Why? Because we create an image in our mind of all the hard work we have to do to get in done and you know, WE HATE HARD WORK!!

This can be anything…. cleaning the house, doing some homework, getting fit. All if these things when we think of them we have an immediate reaction of “ugh”. This is the image of all the hard work, the having to move from a state of comfort.

The basic reason behind this is that the goal is further in the future than the work to get there and the further something is in the future, the less detail it has. So your image of the success and the joy is vague, but your image of the hard work is anything but vague.. right?!

Look at the idea above, think about and you can start to see a solution. Luckily the human mind provides us with an answer to procrastination and that is anticaption. Imagine being able to remove all your demotivation. Doesn’t that just make life seem a whole lot more fun and easier? Think about it.

In addition to showing you how to get rid of any lethargy you feel, today I’m also going to let you in on a simple secret of building limitless motivation and anticipation.

The basic solution to this problem is to bring the images of the future (our target) closer. Try it now… add more detail, make pictures bigger, make them louder, make the ideas brighter. Really build your anticipation and see the power of this idea. That’s it.

Understand how you can focus on the details and make the image clearer than the one of the hard work (try this exercise for your imagination if you need help) – this will naturally give you all the motivation you need. Touch that success and live it now.

If you want, we can expand on this power and idea even further if we think of what we do with our pictures of the hard work. At the same time as building our anticipation of the result and really pumping up our anticipation, we can also dim the images or ideas of the hard work, of the struggle. Make those ideas fade away to nothing. Make them small, dark, weak. Just use your power.

I really love this idea of anticipation, you can use it anytime, anywhere, for anything. Just add the detail and your mind will naturally take care of the rest.

Anticipation is the bodies natural answer to motivation, we just have to learn how to use it effectively. We all know the anticipation of eating a nice piece of chocolate cake when its right there in front of us, our mouth begins to water and you begin to taste it and you can’t wait to start. It can be the same for anything if you just bring the result to the fore of your mind.

This is another idea that is stunningly simple yet incredibly powerful . This is the kind of stuff I love. You can use it for anything. Consider all that you could achieve using this idea of destroying apathy. Well, you can go beyond that into a whole new world as you build on success upon success.

This mind hack is just the start, you can learn even more secrets to destroy procrastination and get things done right here. Don’t delay!

The Task:

Do this once a day. Pick a task you don’t want to do and think of how good you will feel after it is done. Now add more and more details of those feelings until you have an uncontrollable desire to get it done. Now go off and do that task.