Connecting the Dots of Life – Achieve Goals

Every minute you spend in your life is either spent bringing you closer to your goals or moving you away from your goals

Bo Bennett

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This is a neat little trick that shows as long as the starting point and the end point are well defined, it doesn’t matter what goes in between, the desired outcome occurs. That is what we all want. So in terms of your life and goals, it simply means that as long as you correctly define the start point and end point of what you want, your mind will create the desired outcome.

The Start

After realizing this, it naturally makes sense for all of us to begin on the right letter. Here are 3 steps that will start you off on your goal easily and correctly.

  • Pressure – tell people who you know will pressure you that you have set the goal and they will come back to haunt you if you should fall behind. That’s pressure. You can even give someone some cash that they will return to you after you have achieved the goal or some steps. I give my spouse my monthly allowance for myself. If I don’t get up in the morning and do some exercise before work then I don’t get my money for the day – yep, that’s REAL motivation.
  • Motivation – use the idea of anticipation and goals to give yourself even more motivation. Bring the goal close in your mind and put the obstacles in the distance. Take this energy and anticipation into the goal and it will give you all the drive you need.
  • Knowledge – take a look at someone who already has what you want before you start and learn as much as possible from them. Of course the chances are it won’t go smoothly, but preparation ensures a better journey.

The Finish

Next, you also want to make sure you are going to finish on the right letter as well. Here are 3 steps to ensure that you have a clearly defined goal and finishing point.

  • Define the goal – make it specific, visualize it, feel it and write down exactly what you are aiming for. Use specific numbers and phrases in this part.
  • Give it a date – would that school report ever have got done without a deadline? I doubt it… so you need to give yourself a target date AND tell someone it so they kick your ass if you haven’t achieved it by then.
  • Know why you want it – you need to create a why, which will inspire you to hit this goal. Why are you going to hit something if you don’t know the point in doing it?

That’s the basics of making sure you can achieve goals. Having done this the power of your mind will ensure that you connect the dots and succeed in what you set out to do. Your achievement just depends purely on the process.

Your Task

Take a goal and follow the 3 steps to create the perfect start and the 3 steps to create the end point and just let your mind connect the dots. BANG!!