Table Tales – Patience

I was having a bit of fun today in a tourney over at Everest Poker.

Anyway, finally I made it down to the last three without much drama and then got on top through some blind stealing as the other guys seemed kind of passive. The weakest of these guys fell in the end as he ran out of chips to play with and got penned in the corner… leaving 2 of us heads up.

Next thing, it got to the point where I had 65% of the chips and got a tasty enough looking hand (QJs). The other guy goes “all-in” off the bat so I call him… he’s holding J6… he hits the straight with the 6… I call him a “nice guy” and “pat” my monitor;)

Anyway, I have been playing like a muppet all week so am playing for my pride here and stay patient. I get QQ and he goes all in again… this time I win… I now have 70% of the chips. He goes all one more time… this time my J10 against his 107… I am waiting for him to get lucky again… my fist is ready… not this time… my hand wins out.

I don’t always have it, but patience is a virtue and I think the beats and what have you will even out… just bear it in mind.