Its that time of the week again and here are 5 posts I have thoroughly enjoyed reading over the last week. Take the chance to check them out as soon as possible. These are posts that can seriously teach you a thing or two.

This weeks top 5 articles…

  • Alan, from Made to be Great, wrote an interesting article about his law of attraction experiment. I don’t totally go for this kind of thing, but I believe the principles of changing your thinking and just letting go are true.
  • Sibbia wrote an article that pairs with the last one quite well about how changing your vibes will affect what you attract to yourself and shows some ways which you can improve the message you send out.
  • John Wesley, who operates over at “Pick the Brain” wrote about 7 ways to grow the action habit. A very worthwhile read which will motivate you to start getting things done.
  • Scott Young discusses 9 habits to change your life and I think it gives some great ideas to thing about. The best thing is that they are simple little things which anyone can implement.
  • The last article is from ProBlogger, Darren Rowse, who talks about how to find a sponsor for your blog. Any advice from this guy, especially on a tough matter like this, is well worth listening too.

And the free bonus article from here…

The hard work has been done for you. Take a look. It’s that time of the month now where I host a carnival to help people show off all the great articles they have written. I received a lot of submissions and it took me a while to sort through them all to make sure they fit in with the site and are of appropriate quality. Bearing that in mind, many thanks to all the authors for their hard work and the many words of inspiration and new ideas for my readers.

So here it is, a whole host of articles arranged around 3 themes related to this site. The themes are the ideas of self help, inspiration and mind hacks. Please enjoy :D

General Self Help

Arin Vahanian presents How to Build True, Lasting Confidence posted at Super State (editor says: an interesting look at how to build confidence and how very close you are to it)

FitBuff presents How to Speed Up Your Metabolism posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog (editor says: learn how to speed up your metabolism and receive the many health benefits)

Silicon Valley Blogger presents My One Money Advice: Be Prepared For That Rainy Day posted at The Digerati Life (editor says: you’ve heard it before, but never forget it)

Matthew Spears presents The innocence of anger posted at Loving Awareness (editor says: a look at a positive process by which to use anger)

Todd Goldfarb presents Why Your Smallest Actions Define You posted at We The Change (editor says: a reminder that the small things add up, so don’t let your standards slip… even for a second)

Alex Marlin presents Most Educated People Have No Social Skills posted at Life Improvement Tips For Thin and Small People (editor says: it’s among the most important things for success, take the time to learn and use it)

Albert Foong presents Love, Sorrow, and Attachment posted at Urban Monk (editor says: shows how nothing is permanent, learn how to cope with change through love)

John Crenshaw presents Are You Proactive or Reactive? posted at Dominate Your Life (editor says: a reminder to think ahead so you don’t spend your life just reacting to situations)


Bradley Woods presents Defeat Is Only Temporary posted at Conceive, Believe, Achieve (editor says: the greatest people in the world share one thing… perseverence)

karen alonge presents relationship life preservers posted at postcards from nowhere (editor says: some very sound advice on preserving a relationship)

Tupelo Kenyon presents Choose the Companionship of Positive People Who Inspire You posted at Tupelo Kenyon (editor says: learn how to get more positive energy and relationships in your life)

Nubby Twiglet presents The 5 Secrets to Success posted at Nubby Twiglet Art & Design (editor says: a straight forward guide to point you in the direction of success)

Ronit presents If You Think You Can or Think You Can’t, You Are Right – The Story of Marina posted at Ronit Baras (editor says: as it says on the tin… eye opening case example)

Jennifer Mannion presents Heal Pain Naturally: Self-Talk posted at Heal Pain Naturally (editor says: Jennifer has an interesting story, this part is on the effect of your internal dialogue)

Tina Su presents How to Fight Your Fears posted at Think Simple. Be Decisive. (editor says: 5 ways to fight your fears and empower yourself)

Mind Hacks

Uni presents Personal Brain Revitalizer:Take Advantage of Your Brain Cycles posted at You Deserve More (editor says: an interesting method by which to select the hemishpere of your brain which you want to use)

Bert presents Attention posted at Ask-Bert (editor says: nice article from a new blogger on how to keep your focus)

Here it is. This is my first attempt at hosting a carnival. I wanted to make something which would coincide with the aims of this blog, which is to provide some inspiration and to give people simple and effective ways in which to add more zest to your life. It took me a while to check through the posts, but I believe I have provided a worthy selection. Many thanks to all the authors.

Self Improvement

Todd Goldfarb presents Get Perspective by Working in Nature posted at We The Change (editor says: a beautiful look at how just to get on your life without letting the outside world affect you)

pnreddy presents Beat The Deadline To Get The Things Done Fast! posted at Self Help Zone (editor says: a bit of a kick up the backside to help you get stuff done)

Ellesse presents Is There Anything You Wished You’ve Never Done? at Goal Setting College posted at Goal Setting College (editor says: some ideas on how to avoid getting hung up on the past and enjoying the journey)

Peter S C presents 4 Effective Practices for Gaining Perspective posted at I will change your life (editor says: learn how to put that much needed perspective into your life)

Moneywalks presents How to Determine Financial Success posted at moneywalks (editor says: get back to basics and boost your wealth)

Rodney Burge – Marketing Strategies presents Leader, Know Thyself posted at Diane Bolden – Leadership Training (editor says: read this and you will understand that you can become a leader)

Arun presents The Power of Being Social posted at Arun is bringing you…Your Daily Remedy (editor says: he’s a definate character and provides some great ideas on how to get more sociable and the fun of doing it)


Arin Vahanian presents How One Quote Can Change Your Life posted at Super State (editor says: learn how to stopping blaming others and make that change now… yourself)

Jonathan Fields presents Karma Capitalism: A radical approach to accelerated business and career growth posted at Jonathan Fields | Awake At The Wheel (editor says: it’s a long article, but it’s a great read on how you can do business without the need to grab instantly for all you can get)

Yazan Manasrah presents You have more than you realize posted at The Blasted Crossing (editor says: a simple reminder to realize how much you have)

David B. Bohl presents Life Coaches Blog Column: The Art of Predicting Your Own Lasting Happiness posted at Slow Down Fast Today! (editor says: is happiness difficult to find? Find out here)

Alexander Becker presents How Context Creates Meaning posted at WOW (editor says: a reminder of the fact you can choose how you view something)

Raymond David Salas presents The Power of Letting Go posted at Power Tools Blog (editor says: advice on letting go and how it can help you build a new life)

edithyeung presents What are You Waiting for posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act. (editor says: Just do it!)

Chris Wondra presents Music: A Metaphor for Forgiveness posted at Chris Wondra . com (editor says: a nice metephor on how to learn to get over it and get on with life)

Tristan presents Arland Dean Williams Jr: The Ultimate Act of Unconditional Love posted at The Synergy Institute (editor says: a beautiful story of inspiration and courage that brought tears to my eyes)

Alex Landis presents Are you anybody’s favorite person? posted at (editor says: a thought provoked question that might change your ideas on relationships)

Liz presents Goal Setting Commandment #9 – Thou Shall Reward Thyself! posted at Personal Strategic Plan (editor says: it’s so simple but we so often forget it)

Mind Hacks

Rob presents Early to bed, early to rise; How I learned to become an early riser posted at Dusk and Dawn (editor says: it’s been done a lot, but it’s another perspective worth looking at)

Giannis Mamin presents Don?t loose energy on the way posted at WeddInWeb Blog (editor says: when you are making progress, people try to stop you, don’t let them take your energy and momentum)

Rodney Burge – Marketing Strategies presents See What You Want posted at Lori Prokop – Keyboard Culture (editor says: it’s simple, but it’s just as powerful. Don’t forget it)

Hope you have enjoyed this edition. Please take the time to read all the articles and provide some feedback and support. It’s what makes blog carnivals work.

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