Secrets to Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

“An entrepreneur assumes the risk and is dedicated and committed to the success of whatever he or she undertakes”

Victor Kiam

Does an entrepreneur think differently from your average Mr. Smith on the street? You bet he does. When it comes to the point where things start to get difficult that is where the entrepreneur stands up and makes it count.

What is the difference? Basically it’s how they view a challenge or a problem.

Let’s say for example you start up your own project or a business. You get a lot of information and start off all gung-ho. You’ve sorted out all your marketing, all your costs, you have your product ready etc.

Everything starts off great but then suddenly you hit a wall. Things start to get difficult and it’s not so fun anymore. You decide to fold your cards before you get in too deep and keep any cash you have left. You go back to your safe and tested way of life as before.

What stopped you? Well simply you decided there was no way you could deal with all the problems. You saw the giant obstacles ahead of you and it didn’t look like fun. You didn’t have the time or desire to get over the bump. You asked yourself “why can’t I do this?” or “why don’t I want to do this?

The entrepreneur continues though. He sees the obstacles as just a challenge and it’s going to be fun finding a way around them or over them. It’s a different perspective and a far more powerful one. Learn to use this perceptive of challenges being fun.

It comes around simply because he asks the question “how can I do this”. He looks for solutions despite the troubles. He looks to succeed. He knows how good success and overcoming challenges feels.

This basically comes down to the idea of comfort. Most people like being in their comfort zone, however, an entrepreneur likes feeling uncomfortable. He knows that is when things happen. That’s when lives change and money is made. He knows that there is always a way and he is willing to take risks and experiment until he finds the way.

Welcome to the mind of an entrepreneur. The moral of the story is to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Its the sign you are learning something and expanding. Look to experiment, take risks and challenge yourself and your thinking.

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Just remember, discomfort is the sign of learning and growth. Think like an Entrepreneur.