Office annoyances

As I make my way through the sea of temp jobs, I have been exposed to many different types of environments and managers. Having had so many jobs, I have begun to identify what makes companies run well and what doesn’t, what types of managers and management techniques are the most effective, what are and what are not good motivators for employees and so on.

At my current position, I am in line for a bit of a promotion. I would go from being a peon to a senior peon. Terribly exciting prospect, no? Supposedly, myself and a co-worker are the only people being considered for such a step up in the world. Our boss is one of the decision makers on who gets to pass go. This brings me to  a common gripe that I have about the workplace.

People in positions of authority that make hiring/firing decisions should not be going to lunch with lower-level employees.

They just should not. I don’t care if it makes them look snobby and bitchy. As you climb up the totem pole of power in the workplace, you should be forbidden from fraternizing from those holding up said totem pole as it is bad for business.

If she gets the promotion, everyone will say that it was because they are lunch buddies. If I get the promotion, everyone will say it’s because the boss couldn’t promote her because it would look bad since they are lunch buddies.

Not being lunch buddies is an easy way around this.

Part of the problem is that this supervisor has a cubicle out amongst us peons. This only contributes to the problem. It puts the supervisor in a position to be buddies with the peons because they surround her.

This kind of thing, the whole supervisor buddy system, also leads to a lack of respect for the supervisor. How can the supervisor be viewed with respect as an authority figure when she lunches with the peons as well as gossips with them when they are gossiping?