9 Simple Steps to Speed Up Your Blogging


We all have time constraints. Even if you don’t then it still pays to get something done quicker, better and with less stress. These are the techniques I use to speed up my blogging so I can get the job done, even with working 6 days a week, a wife to love and a daughter to look after.

The Crunch – How to Blog Quickly

  1. Plan – I spend a few hours at the start of the week planning what I am going to write, what marketing I am going to do and most important of all… creating the titles. I put this plan into writing. Time < 2 hours each week
  2. Prepare – I put these titles onto an empty page, tell my unconscious to work on the articles and I sleep on it. Time < 3 minutes
  3. Read – I use my RSS feed to see whats going on. If there are any posts I like I comment. If I have a relationship with the blogger then they are in a special category in my reader, so I remember to interact regularly. Time < 1 hour per day
  4. Market – I have a marketing plan for each day of the week. I implement it. Time < 30 minutes per day
  5. Write – When it comes to writing I make sure I am off line (that means the Internet cable is UNPLUGGED!) and tell myself I am just going to write for a few minutes to get started. I hit the flow and get the basics down. Time < 30 minutes
  6. Improve – So, after 5-30 minutes of writing the shell is complete, then I read through it and improve it. Time <15 minutes
  7. Polish – Its then time to add the polish. Time < 15 minutes ( Total Writing Time < 1hour )
  8. Publish – I log onto the net and give myself 30 minutes to get the post up. This means finding pictures or links or quotes if necessary and getting the formatting right. Time < 30 minutes
  9. Comment – I approve and reply to comments. Visit commentators sites. Time < 30 minutes

Most of the time comes in the morning before I head to work. I like to keep the evenings and day off for my family and interests. Some of these things I am not doing everyday. The most important thing is strict time limits. Choose your limits and your mind will work hard to fit into them.